Other Activities

Orientation and Daily Meetings

Each day all festival participants will meet in the Center. All festival participants are requested to attend these meetings!

Friday 11:00am
This meeting will open the festival and orient newcomers to the festival
Saturday 11:00am
This meeting will help people understand the planned and unplanned (inspired) activiities available on Sunday
Sunday 9:30am
This meeting will provide a closure for the festival and organize all festival participants around site cleanup

Spirit Hour

On Saturday morning at 10:00 am we have completely non-secular celebration of spirit.   This is one of the most beloved activities of the festival.  Bring your music, poems, thoughts, dreams, wishes and prayers.

Inspired Activities

On Saturday, during the Daily meeting, we will support inspired activities by running a short activity declaration and sign-up process. There will be a place to post your ideas for Sunday afternoon activities. Some past ideas have included trips to the beach, circus gymnastics, interactive music games, a Thai massage workshop, a drumming workshop and a bass Guitar workshop. Start dreaming now and we’ll see you there.

By Appointment Activities

Sound Checks This is your opportunity to get up on stage and work with our audio engineering crew, to try out microphones or otherwise experience playing music on-stage before the live performance.

Performance Coaching Here is your chance to work on a specific piece you want to have performance-ready. Take your piece from really great to extraordinary and gain experience that you can take away from the festival. Singles or groups are welcome. A sign-up sheet with time-slots will be available on-site.

On-going Activities

SCMG Art Project Once again, we will have an art project for those of you who are inspired.  No sign-up required, just show-up.


The Cafe Stage The Café Stage features a small stage in the outdoor covered area where meals are served.  The space features heaters, a seating area and chairs for festival participants to sit and enjoy on-going performances as inspired. The Café Stage is open all day Friday and Saturday (hours to be determined). The Café Stage works on a sign-up basis and is run by festival participants.

Friday Night Performance  Original music takes priority at the Friday night performance.  We will be taking pre-festival requests for a slot in this performance. Please send all such requests to info@slabcreekmusicfestival.org

Saturday Night Performance The Saturday night performance is a public performance to benefit the Neskowin Valley School. People from the Neskowin community will come to enjoy the fruits of our labors, so this is your opportunity to perform in public. In an effort to keep the performance to 2 hrs it may not be possible to honor all requests.